Dr. Veronika Sommer

Research Interests

  • Biological soil crusts
  • Microalgae
  • Restoration

Current project

Biological soil crusts as a pioneer community for the greening of potash spoil heaps


Prelle, L.R., Graiff, A., Gründling-Pfaff, S., Sommer, V., Kuriyama, K. and Karsten, U. (2019). Photosynthesis and Respiration of Baltic Sea Benthic Diatoms to Changing Environmental Conditions and Growth Responses of Selected Species as Affected by an Adjacent Peatland (Hütelmoor). Front. Microbiol. 10:1500. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01500

Sommer, V., Kockx, M., Wölk, A. & Glaser, K. (2019) Von Vogelkot zu grünen Teppichen – Eine neue Möglichkeit, Kali-Rückstandshalden mit biologischen Bodenkrusten zu begrünen. Biologie in unserer Zeit 49 (2), 122-130. doi.org/10.1002/biuz.201910671

Nowak, P., Schubert, H., Holzhausen, A., Sommer, V., & Schaible, R. (2017). Morphological adaptations of Chara baltica and Chara liljebladii (Characeae) under different light conditions. Botany Letters, 1-9.

Salguero‐Gómez, Roberto, et al. "COMADRE: a global data base of animal demography." Journal of Animal Ecology 85.2 (2016): 371-384.


Work experience      
since July 2021 Project engineer   upi UmweltProjekt Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
2016 Student assistant Project: BALTIC TRANSCOAST (isolation of benthic diatoms, Chlα- and CN-analysis) Applied Ecology & Phycology Uni Rostock
2014 - 2016 Student assistant Project: COMPADRE- a global database for plant and animal demography (organization of data and literature, coordination) Max-Plank Institute for Demographic Research Rostock
2017 - 2021 Doctoral Thesis Applied Ecology & Phycology, University of Rostock  
2013 - 2016 Studies M.Sc. Functional Plant Sciences University of Rostock  
2010 - 2013 Studies B.Sc. Biosciences University of Rostock  
Stays abroad      
2015 Visiting student Arctic Plant Ecology UNIS, Spitzbergen

Contact Details

Dr. Veronika Sommer
University of Rostock
Institute for Biological Sciences
Applied Ecology and Phycology
Albert-Einstein-Straße 3
18059 Rostock
Phone +49 381 498 6095
Fax +49 381 498 6072

Veronika Sommer with Arctic Macroalgae
Heap brine is a saturated salt solution that strongly affects the environments.