Dr. Konrad Schultz

Research interests

  • DNA-barcoding
  • Integrative taxonomy
  • Benthic diatom community ecology
  • Biodiversity

Current project

Microphytobenthic primary production in biofilms along terrestrial-marine gradients (Baltic TRANSCOAST): Diatom community ecology along marine-terrestrial gradients


Schultz, K., Dreßler, M., Jacques, O., Springer, A., Frank, M., Hübener, T. (2024): Hidden complexity: An assessment of species diversity within the genus Discostella (Bacillariophyta). Fottea. https://doi.org/10.5507/fot.2023.010

Schultz, K., Dreßler, M., Jacques, O., Springer, A., Frank, M., Hübener, T. (2023): Morphological and taxonomic implications of the formation of colonies in Cyclostephanos and Stephanodiscus (Bacillariophyta). European Journal of Phycology. https://doi.org/10.1080/09670262.2023.2222297

Schultz, K., Dreßler, M. & Jacques, O. (2022): Transfer of Cyclotella michiganiana Skvortzov to the genus Pantocsekiella K.T.Kiss & Acs (Stephanodiscaceae, Bacillariophyta). Notulae Algarum.

Schultz, K., Hübener, T., Jacques, O., Springer, A., Frank, M., Dreßler, M. (2022): DNA barcoding reveals a new species of Stephanodiscus Ehrenberg. Diatom Research. https://doi.org/10.1080/0269249X.2022.2078427

Schultz, K., Hübener, T., Dreßler, M., Jacques, O., Frank, M., Springer, A., Van, A.T. (2021): Disentangling the taxonomic history of the widespread and overlooked centric diatom Stephanodiscus makarovae and its transfer to Cyclostephanos. Taxonomy. https://doi.org/10.3390/taxonomy1040030


Work experience      
Since 2023 Scientist - Baltic TRANSCOAST   Applied Ecology & Phycology, University of Rostock
2018-2019     Institut für angewandte Ökosystemforschung, Macrozoobenthos Division
2017-2018 Scientist   University of Rostock Medical Center, Division of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases
2012-2017 Student Assistant Supervision of microscopy course and field botanical excursions Botany, University of Rostock
2023 Dissertation Application, evaluation and development of DNA barcoding markers for taxonomy and bioindication of thalassiosiroid diatoms University of Rostock
2019-2023 Ph.D. candidate   University of Rostock
2014-2017 M.Sc. Biodiversity and Evolution   University of Rostock
  Master thesis Molecular and morphometrical analyses of monoclonal strains of the Pantocsekiella ocellata species complex (Stephanodiscaceae).  
2011-2014 B.Sc. Life Science   University of Rostock
  Bachelor thesis Analysis of locations of the pine club moss (Huperzia selago) with the prospect of a future reintroduction.  


Dr. Konrad Schultz
University of Rostock
Institute for Biological Sciences
Applied Ecology and Phycology
Albert-Einstein-Str. 21
D-18059 Rostock
Phone +49 381 498 6095
Fax. +49 381 498 6072

Konrad Schultz
Living colonies of benthic diatoms (Fragilaria sp.)
Valves of the planktonic diatom Stephanodiscus neglectus Schultz, Hübener & Dreßler
Valves of benthic diatoms (Fragilaria sp.)
Valves of Cyclostephanos makarovae (Genkal) Schultz