Microphytobenthic diatom composition and biodiversity of the Southern Baltic Sea

Diatoms are unicellular and eukaryotic microalgae and contribute to global ecosystems as primary producers and fundamental components of food web. In contrast to a large number of studies on planktonic diatoms, there is still lack of studies on benthic diatoms in brackish lagoons. The samples of this project will be seasonally collected at different salinities from the Darß-Zingst-Bodden Chain, a shallow lagoon of the Southern Baltic Sea. The seasonal and environmental differences of species compositions and biodiversity will be investigated by morphological and molecular approaches to species identification.

Responsible persons
Prof. Dr. Ulf Karsten
Dr. Rhena Schumann
Kana Kuriyama

Cooperation partners
Dr. Marcus Frank (The Electron Microscopy Center, University Medicine Rostock)
Dr. Armin Springer (The Electron Microscopy Center, University Medicine Rostock)
Dr. Tamotsu Nagumo (Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Nippon Dental University School of Dentistry at Tokyo)